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Friday, August 10, 2012

Two By Two

Two By Two

Two by two they appear before my eyes
Two by two as the years flow by

Holding eager hands
Splashing barefoot in wave swept sands

Lips stop to kiss
In the soft glow of pink sunsets

Two by two as refreshing as summer rain
Too engrosed with love, to notice my pain

As I watch the pairs embrace
All I see is your face
And the empty space beside me.


  1. Thank you Ien. A couple of years ago they really came to me fast and furious. Now they kind of trickle out every now and then.

  2. I like the poem She, it has an existential flavour.

    This is not the best medium for communicating I don't think, but maybe if we announce our blogs on Twitter and link to them we may have a make-do and mend arrangement that will do for the first time. Why not form ourselves into a Multiply Refugee group to lobby whichever blog space we descend upon to provide the services we want. Militant consumerism is one of my favourite pastimes. Catch you soon AA :-)

  3. Refugees from Multiply sounds like a winner to me AA. You are so clever! I never thought of using my twitter account that way and I love it. At the moment I don't think Twitter will fold so yes it's a good plan. Now to get the word out eh? I would bet that there are plenty of my friends and yours that have twitter accounts so that would work. Oh I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it lol

    Thanks for your lovely comments about the poem. I get these "feelings" sometimes that are best expressed by creative writing. I like the look of my "room" here too and will keep it as my online sanctuary.

    I'm so glad I found you on Twitter lol.

  4. wonderful poem..glad youre here :))

    (psst you need to add your 'followers' gadget so that we can follow you..)

    1. I'm glad to find you here too Heather. "folowers gadget"? How do I do that?