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Sunday, August 26, 2012


My clothesline has become a trigger. A trigger to a memory of stolen time. A time when nothing mattered or was more important than seeing you appear as if by magic at the door of a wee cabin, tucked safely behind a Bed & Breakfast in the heart of a land far removed from my world.
You see she had one just like it. She hung her laundry out in the sun every morning while I was there at the cabin. Laundry that added to the cover that kept us secluded from prying eyes that might give away our secret.
Every time I am out hanging clothes to dry in the early morning sunshine, beneath azure blue skies, I'm wisked back in time and I see her there from my window as I wait. The sky is bright with sunlight, the breeze whips the freshly washed sheets about as she pins them to the line, and then are left there to bask throughout the warmth of the day as she goes about doing her other chores, leaving me in my solitude to anticipate your much longed for arrival.
And before I know it, you are there and I am complete once more as our love wraps us up in its tender arms.

Friday, August 24, 2012

This Is Tuatha Dea

"We've been photographing (Soaringoak Photography)
the Tuatha Dea band now for almost three years on random occasions... its obvious that we love these people, and we'd like to show the world why and rally up more support for their cause. This slideshow video shows the majority of our photography work documenting just a few of their shows, utilizing two tracks off their latest CD "Kith & Kin", "Bagabi" and "Tonight". It's hard to explain the feeling of energy and family that they generate when you go to a Tuatha show, but I think you can see it in their faces if you watch this video :)"

Is It Love

One loving glance from you
And my heart skips with joy.

One grasp of your hand in mine
And nothing can break me.

The tender touch when our lips meet
Makes the world melt into the mist.

And each moment spent without you
Feels like an eternity.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Friday, August 10, 2012

Two By Two

Two By Two

Two by two they appear before my eyes
Two by two as the years flow by

Holding eager hands
Splashing barefoot in wave swept sands

Lips stop to kiss
In the soft glow of pink sunsets

Two by two as refreshing as summer rain
Too engrosed with love, to notice my pain

As I watch the pairs embrace
All I see is your face
And the empty space beside me.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Soft Is The Night

There is something about sitting outside on a muggy summer night looking at the full moon, staring intently.... trying to make out the many changing shapes on her silvery surface. She is a cool and accomodating goddess of the night sky. She fills me with energy and delightful musings. I listen to the harmonic sounds of hundreds of tree frogs and feel the soft breeze kiss my face. The air is fragrant with the clean, sweet smell of honysuckle, and in the distance, sounds of trucks on the highway reach over the tops of the mountains and float on the air, just barely heard as they fade into the distance.

All is quiet. I walk along the soft, damp grass in my barefeet and going some distance from the house, turn and look at it's bulking shape. It is my fortress. All who lie sleeping within it's walls are safe and at peace, dreaming the dreams of the events of the day just past or floating aimlessly and effortlessly through the world of the night. A night bird warbles at the sight of a falling star.

The moon smiles down at me. There is a halo shining round her and a million twinkling stars winking. The universe is eternal and the hour is late. The fireflys dart past, little orbs of the night. And now I say goodnight.

Sunday, August 5, 2012