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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Do It Yourself

It looks increasingly clear to me that our government is not listening to us. The people that we elected to look after our intrests are not. They are busy protecting big corporations, making themselves super wealthy. Bullying and overthrowing other nations. We can sign all the petitons we want to sign. We can vote the basterds in or out it really doesn't matter anymore. We can listen to new politicians tell us that they will change things, they will do what we sent them to Washington to do. Have we not learned by now that they are all liars and they will tell us what we want to hear just to get elected? Once they get into that system the Devil takes their souls and blinds their eyes with greed and plugs up their ears to our outrage.

I finally believe now that the only way to fight them is to become as self sufficient as we can. There are many ways within our own communities that we can do that, we just have to look around at where we live and find our own resources. Are you angry about Monsanto? Grow your own food. There are many places where we can find GMO free seeds. Some of us even have family who have been growing their own food for decades and have saved their seeds from season to season, year after year and we can form small community co-ops that will more fully supply our needs than our corrupt government can.

I'm not saying we should all lie down and let them walk all over us. I'm not saying to stop paying attention or stop putting on the pressure.

Fight them if you believe in fighting that way. My fight will be more of a focus on how I can take care of my own self and my family.

There is a shifting away from big centralized governments all over the world. If you've been paying attention you will see that. Yes, there is a plan for a New World Order, this is not new, its been the agenda for a long time now. But there is also a movement that is resisting that and that movement might not be so visible. It's there though.

Maybe we will see chaos and devastation as we have never seen, before things settle into something different in the world. But maybe we won't. Life is a stage, we are the actors, we created this story, this script, both in our collective and in our individual lives.

Focus on what you want the world to be. Not what you don't want from it.

Individually create love and joy in your own circle, your own life and you will ultimately affect the changes you want in the world.