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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Winter Wonder

A metallic grey morning sky slung low across the tops of the distant hills and the cows in the pasture stood like statues. An expectant promise hung in the air as I stood at the glass French doors with coffee in hand, looking out across the cold courtyard toward the row of Arborvitae trees that stood stately to the right, across from the road.

My eyes took in the piles of leaves snuggled into the corners of the wall surrounding the courtyard where they had escaped the winter winds that had recently swept through. At my feet, standing at attention, tails twitching, the cats seemed to see things that I could not. The air was charged, quiet and cold.

And then they came. Only a few at first, blowing about, disappearing as quickly as they appeared. Suddenly the air was filled with a tangle of tiny white specks falling from the sky in a chaotic symphony of silence. The ground received the blanket of snow as if it was a familiar friend and the Arborvitae caught it in clumps of white into their outstretched green limbs.

As the world changed it’s appearance from gray to white, so the snow flakes began to change to larger pieces of lace falling to the ground in surreal slow motion.

Soon the ground was covered and the big, lazy flakes changed again to white flecks, not so profuse, but irregularly falling until finally stopping, leaving me and my cats in peace and soft silence.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Spring Comes With Bare Feet

Early she comes, sweeping softly across the hills,
Skirts lifted, bare toes just touching the ground.
Herself, coming to rest upon Winter’s crisp brown grass.
At her warm touch, young buds peek out
From the barren limbs of sleeping trees,
And a frigid ground gives way
To the gentle push of Spring’s flowers.
Nature yawns, moves and stretches
As Spring comes to waken the earth
To her glorious morning once more.

~SmMacGregor~ 2/14/2014

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


How can I explain to you
How my love seems
To become greater
With each tick of the clock,
Each setting and rising of the sun?
Every line of poetry that I write
Only seems to show the reflection
As through a smoked glass
My deep and abiding affection.
How do I find adequate words?
How do I offer you my heart
When you already have it?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Romance Out Of The Box

I don't think romance has to involve two people. Yes, it's nice when two lovers can gaze into each other's eyes and without speaking, see the potential that is reflected. Or if you have a partner that actually takes the time to think about what to do to make you know you are loved and cherished, and creates a special moment for the two of you, then you have found a keeper.

Couples walking down a secluded beach on a brilliant sun-drenched morning, with sea birds screeching and diving into the waves, not talking, just being, is a romantic moment.
When two people enjoy a candlit meal in an intimate restaurant where they tune out their surroundings, the quiet hum of other conversations and clinking of glass and silverware is just secondary to their focus on each other. That can be a romantic moment.

Hiking along a wooded trail, where a rowdy mountain stream shouts its song of eternity out to a pair of adventurers who are sharing a connection to nature, is romantic.
Two parents, sitting down to eat dinner, their chubby cheeked little one between them in a high chair, smiling a one toothed smile and smearing pureed carrots artistically all over the tray in front of him or her, while the proud pair who just created this new family look on with such a swelling of love in their hearts for this future Master Artist, that they can hardly contain their joy. That's a romantic moment.

Loving moments shared between two people that creates joy and fulfillment is romantic and can be appreciated and cherished.

But do you have to have another person present with you to enjoy the romance that fills this world? The answer for me is no.

You can be solitary and still experience the thrill and joy of a romantic moment.
Take that walk along the shore on your own and watch the sun setting. Then sit on that waitng bench along the rock walkway and take the time to see the millions of diamonds dancing along the surface of the still water as the waves gently slap upon the rocks that lie along the bank. See the colors in the sky change from a brilliant blue with white clouds here and there, to shades of pink and orange. Notice the mist on the horizon as it creeps upward and along the crest of a small cliff. Feel the connection to your heart center and be aware that you whole body tingles with the joy of the moment. A romantic moment that you share with Self and be grateful that you can experience that.

Sit in your home reading as you tune your ears in to a conversation your children are having with each other in the other room. Let yourself be distracted by their animation and their fantastical pretending and marvel at their wit and imagination and feel the way your heart softens to their innocence. That's a romantic moment for you to experience and cherish for years to come.

You see, if you limit your ability to see and experience romance until you are with another person to share it with, you will miss a lot of romatical opportunities to give love and romance and happiness and joy to yourself.
So pay attention. And just love and stay there. Rumi said that and I agree.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Love Came

Love came,
And I began to see
the future in your eyes.
Love came,
And I began to feel
a bigger heart that could hold the world.
Love came,
and I began to know
all the secrets I thought I had forgot.
Love came,
And what you see of me
belongs to you forever!