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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ego And Higher Self

Sitting outside this morning in quiet reflection, watching the rain fall softly on green grass, while the wind made the trees sway and dance and birds sang and flutterd at the feeder. Wanting to just relax and meditate for a while, I first tried to clear my thoughts of memories of songs that kept playing in my head, and the intent to go to Spain, wondering if it could be possible. I remember thinking that while I am meditating maybe my intent should just be my desire to go to Spain to live for a short while.
Lost in these thoughts and just wanting to allow them, almost without my notice, I began to "see and hear" something quiet different than my first desire. I heard the voice of a black preacher. His voice rose and fell and rose again to a crescendo, up into the air, and through the trees branches. I laughed inwardly to think of all things I was hearing a black preacher telling me the most profound message that I have ever heard!

As my feet splashed in the puddles that crept across the concrete patio and the rain continued to whisper down from the sky he said these words.

"The Ego wants it, the Higher Self creates it. The two are one, a team. They work together. Why do you continue to listen to those who have forgotten just as much as you have, tell you that you've got to get rid of the ego, its a bad thing? Without the Ego expressing desire or inent, what would the Higher Self be creating?
Ego has forgotten who they are! Who and what they are a part of. Ego and Higher Self (or God if you will) are one! They are Gods and Goddessess, who are Divine, Eternal, Pure, Higher vibrational energy beings who broke off little pieces of their unique personal Selves to set them into particular realities they made and said, now go live, experience. This is the script I wrote for us so embrace it all. Be appreciating every experience and when that one's done, we'll decide where to put us next. Ego has come a long way from where it started and got to forgetting. Ego now has full stage Alziemers! Ego is now stumbling, wandering, combatting and basically gone off on its own as it moves through this fog of dullness. Not only does Ego have Alziemers, it's got cataracts! Blind as a bat and a little crazy. Lost and forgetting it's Higher Self for ages. It has come to believe that the Source of it's origin is somewhere "out there." That Ego must live to please that "someone out there," and not piss him off or there will be hell to pay!

But it's all been a creative experience between Ego and Source. Ego has reached a time when it begins to remember, slowly sometimes and way too fast at other times.
Now is the time for the new creation. It's time for Ego to remember that it creates the intent and Source carries out that intent.

Ego with the experiences comes to have all the kinds of ideas, desires, inent to make it possible for soure to know what to create. A new era, world, reality?
I don't have all the answers, I have forgotten the same as everone else, and am only just waking up myself. So until we have more complete and total recall. Peace!"

And that's what my black preacher said to me this morning.