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  1. Is this a guest book? By George I think it is! Now I will need to try to delete the other one. Someone post on this please so I can see if it really works :)

  2. May I be the first to congratulate you on your new guestbook She. This is a bit of a breakthrough in making Blogger work for you I think.....nice one... Happy Days indeed :-)

  3. Yes Aaran, I'm quiet pleased with it and thank you for your tutorials. I tried to fix a page for photo albums. I'll muddle through that as well until I figure it out. Cheers! :-))

  4. I say there She, you said I'd not visited your guestbook, but I did visit back in September when it was new and here I am again :-)

    I don't think many people leave messages in Blogger guestbooks, well not very often...they don't in mine anyway. Its a perfect site for misanthropic old grouches, not that I'm like that and I'm sure you're not either, but its not terribly social here, nothing like Multiply anyway.

    1. Hee hee...well, I guess we two can go back and forth between guest books anyway. I'm going to miss Multiply very much *sniff*

  5. Hey Sheila...Blogger is a bit slow isn't it...happy 2014!