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Friday, August 24, 2012

This Is Tuatha Dea

"We've been photographing (Soaringoak Photography)
the Tuatha Dea band now for almost three years on random occasions... its obvious that we love these people, and we'd like to show the world why and rally up more support for their cause. This slideshow video shows the majority of our photography work documenting just a few of their shows, utilizing two tracks off their latest CD "Kith & Kin", "Bagabi" and "Tonight". It's hard to explain the feeling of energy and family that they generate when you go to a Tuatha show, but I think you can see it in their faces if you watch this video :)"


  1. Sheila, I really enjoyed this. Both songs are fantastic, but I loved the second....Thank you for sharing this.

  2. I wish you could get the chance to see them live sometime. Every time they do the song Celtic Woman if I am in the audience they ask me to come up to the stage and help my daughter sing it. It's fabulous.