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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Soft Is The Night

There is something about sitting outside on a muggy summer night looking at the full moon, staring intently.... trying to make out the many changing shapes on her silvery surface. She is a cool and accomodating goddess of the night sky. She fills me with energy and delightful musings. I listen to the harmonic sounds of hundreds of tree frogs and feel the soft breeze kiss my face. The air is fragrant with the clean, sweet smell of honysuckle, and in the distance, sounds of trucks on the highway reach over the tops of the mountains and float on the air, just barely heard as they fade into the distance.

All is quiet. I walk along the soft, damp grass in my barefeet and going some distance from the house, turn and look at it's bulking shape. It is my fortress. All who lie sleeping within it's walls are safe and at peace, dreaming the dreams of the events of the day just past or floating aimlessly and effortlessly through the world of the night. A night bird warbles at the sight of a falling star.

The moon smiles down at me. There is a halo shining round her and a million twinkling stars winking. The universe is eternal and the hour is late. The fireflys dart past, little orbs of the night. And now I say goodnight.


  1. What a magical picture you paint She....we don't have tree frogs here, we've killed everything that sang at night for the sake of an undisturbed night. It is good to commune with the Moon. I can feel the sense of safety as the sound of the trucks grow fainter. There is something reassuring in those distant growling monsters moving on toward their far off destination....leaving you alone, peaceful and safe ....out there in the dark, barefoot on the grass, wrapped up in the night as the household slumbers embraced by the Queen of the heavens...what a connection that beautiful it all is, the warmth, the night and the the moonbeams.

  2. Aaran, you are a poet after my heart lol. Thank you.

  3. Love this post....and the image is awesome Chic..

  4. Thank you Linda :) This image isn't mine though..although I do have a picture that I took of the moon a while back that looks like that, only not as clear. I don't have your knack for shooting pictures of the moon. You're are just awesome.