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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wisdom From the Small People

Coraleigh has been with me today while her Mom was at work and she created a Spa in her room!

She found an old foot bath apparatus that I had stored in a closet and dragged it up to her bedroom to set up a very nice treat for me. When she was ready, her sweet smile appeared at the door of my den and said, "Nana, I have made a surprise for you, come see."

What followed was the more wonderful than any time I could have "payed" for at some fancy, smancy spa in town.

First of all, I entered a room filled with soft, flute music that was playing from her portable cd player. I was led to a small chair where my feet were then lifted and placed into the warm, sudsy, bubbling water of the foot bath. Then I was treated to wonderful conversation, gentle scrubbing of the "rough" spots of my feet with a pumice stone, massage and then a pedicure with deep red polish completed with stars!

This Small Person teaches me so much when she spends these moments with me, about loving, generosity and just plain joy! Interspersed giggling and conversation revealed her plan for a super business she has in mind to create. "Nana, don't you think I should add a Spa to my Perfume business?" She quipped. "Of course," was my enthusiastic response. "I think my Perfume business should be in the front of the store and in the back, I plan a room for the spa. And when they come in to the store they can have everything they want for a dollar! No matter how much they want if they want too much, I think that will be ok with me, they can just have everything for a dollar." She smiled and shook her head resolutely as she continued to paint my toes. "Why you are just not greedy at all are you darling." I said. "No, and if they don't have any money but they want some perfume or if they want to visit the spa they can just have what they want for free."

Then she looked up and smiled that big smile she does and said, "And Nana if they are rich," she paused, "if they are rich I am going to charge them a million dollars."

How's that for balanced thinking LOL. I love my Small People.

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