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Saturday, May 12, 2012


Way before I started living at my

computer my mornings were

quiet different

than they are now. I would arise

and take my coffee outside

where I would

connect to the sky, to the trees,

to the birds singing and I

would be

energized. I would sip my lovely

coffee with my hands wrapped

around the

warm cup and feel my body tingle from the energy that nature always

provided. Just remembering it now is giving me that same energy tingle. I

would get "messages" from my higher self. I would start to understand more

about who I am and where I fit with the Universe. Now I take my coffee and

sit it on the desk beside the computer and I connect with people. I read

their status, I chat with them sometimes and I interact and I feel my body

tingle again. I read intently about the energy that is spreading across the

world in other places. Of the changes that are taking place in the lives of all

of humanity. Of the shift. Sometimes I am torn between my desire for the

connections I feel outside gazing at the "real" world and my joy at

connecting with friends from the cyber world. In reflections I have to

conclude that all is good. No right or wrong choices here for me, just a

freedom to make that choice and there I go tingling again. Good morning to

all of you, (or afternoon or evening) and my your choices you make today

give you goosebumps :-)

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