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Sunday, December 2, 2012


Truth or lie, isn’t it all a matter of perspective? What you believed to be the truth last year, or sometime in your past can change in the present time, can’t it? If you felt you were in a loving relationship in the past, but it’s changed into something else now, that doesn’t mean it was false, it just means things changed for you, and that your perspective of the relationship and the love became something else.

I don’t think we should lose site of the very real feelings of love that we once felt when we were in that place. Just because something might happen to separate two people who were at one time loving and giving to each other, doesn’t mean we can’t still recall those wonderful feelings. It’s the “feelings” that we are here to experience and remember! Things come and go, people come into our lives and leave or step away. But what about the feelings? They still are with us for as long as we can recall them. That’s what’s important in this continuum of experiences we like to call life.